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How you can support the Complexity Explorer community


1. Use your language skills to subtitle ComplexityExplorer videos

Many of the people who take our courses (or who would like to take them) are not native English speakers.  We are looking for volunteers to help subtitle videos in their native languages, including English.  You can volunteer to subtitle any length of video, even just a few minutes.  We are even offering free t-shirts, shipped anywhere in the world, for people who subtitle 120 minutes or more!  

2. Support ComplexityExplorer with a financial donation

You help bring complex systems science to the world through your donations. Any amount is welcome and appreciated.  We use donations to support administration and upkeep of the ComplexityExplorer platform; develop new courses, tutorials, and other content; offer our Teaching Assistants compensation for all of their time; provide scholarships for our few tuition-charging courses; and otherwise make as much content as free as possible. 

3. Spread the word about ComplexityExplorer

The primary goal of ComplexityExplorer is to bring SFI science and complex systems knowledge to as many people as possible. If you enjoyed content that you found here, please share your experience and recommendatons with your friends and colleagues. We appreciate any social media mentions (find us, follow us, and tag us at @ComplexExplorer). Many learners come to our courses through Class Central – so please leave us a review. And finally, show your enthusiam with some fine ComplexityExplorer gear from the shop. Please note that ComplexityExplorer does not set the prices on items in the shop and that almost all sales revenue goes to the third-party operator. With that said, we love to see people out in the real world showing their love of CE!

4. Send us feedback

We very much value feedback on any part of our site or its content. Please let us know what you like and what we can do better by email.