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Adaptive Cooperative Systems

"A fully integrated, up-to-date exploration of self-organizing processes. Our understanding of self-organizing cooperative systems is advancing by leaps and bounds, shedding new light on the nature of life and human consciousness, while offering solutions to a wide range of technical problems. Martin Beckerman, a researcher working at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has written this book in an effort to help researchers working in such far-flung fields as signal processing, neuroscience, and robotics stay abreast of the latest advances in adaptive cooperative systems. Adaptive Cooperative Systems Clearly explains the statistical physics behind the latest adaptive cooperative models and methods Describes sophisticated probabilistic methods and shows how they can be used to develop algorithms for solving problems in various research domains Describes important recent findings on self-organizing cooperative behavior in biological systems Provides examples drawn from geoscience, astrophysics, image processing, robotics, AI, and other disciplines Presents a rigorous theory of cooperative computation as applied to problems in perceptual inferencing."

M. Beckerman
Complex Systems, Emergence